HEAR YE, HEAR YE...                Winter is HERE already!!!



Time to place your order for Garnet Grabbers.


Each order is personally selected and processed for you by local Artisan Miners.  


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          Still Available -


Garnet GrabberTM


- All-Natural          

-Environmentally Safe 

-Pet Friendly        

- Easy on Concrete

                                  - Artisan Produced

                      - Reyclable


HELPS reduce SLIPS on ice and compact snow.


Liberally apply to sliperly areas to help get you safely across your sidewalks and driveway. 


It's selected, multi-color blend absorb sunlight during the day to help melt ice naturally while continuing to provide needed grip. 




After December 15, 2022,

you can place your order for



Mt. Decorative Garnet



Montana Red100TM


Decorative Garnet Products are a Great way to help Beautify your Home.


Montana Red100TM


Mt Decorative Garnets are perfect for landscaping, flower gardens, and

decorating flower pots.


Add to wet cement for accent and wear-resistant traction. 


Great for beautifying your

home inside and out.



*Our Garnet Products are 110% locally 

sourced and produced

by Artisan miners in Montana.


 By sourcing locally from Artisan craftmen and women,

we help reduce the carbon footprint

required timport from overseas. 


This is our effort to help reduce 

the carbon footprint of our product

for present and future generation.


We also conserve water by quarrying and

custom processing our products DRY. 

As a result though, there may be

some fines in the final product, but that is ok

because it is natural and helps save water.  


[Please let us know if you prefer no fines

and we will wash your order. 

Just add 15% to your total price.]



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