GMRV is now accepting orders for our all-Natural, Artisan produced -    

Garnet Grabber Traction Sand and "Montana Red100" Garnet Products.


Unlike other garnet you can buy online, our ganet products are 100% locally   

sourced from high mountains and valleys in Idaho and Montana.    


Garnet Grabber Traction Sand can help reduce SLIPS on ice and compacted snow due it's unique geometric shape.  Liberally apply to icy patches or use to help get your vehicle out of your driveway.  With it's mix of colors, it can absorb sunlight to speed up the melting process too.


"Montana Red100" is GREAT for landscaping your flower garden, decorating flower pots, and adding to your cement finish, craft accents, and beautify your home inside and out. 


Each order is personally selected and processed for you by our Artisan Miners.  


Check out our Product page today and then send us your project pictures to post here.  



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